Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 365: December 31, 2011!

Writing this post is quite anticlimactic since New Year's Eve has come and gone. But I wanted it to be good, I wanted to think a lot and reflect a lot and write an epic post and I didn't have the time or energy to do my last post justice.
The sunset distracted me.

 I fully enjoyed a relaxing, relatively technology-free end to 2011. So I'm writing now. 
But seriously...this sunset? Ridiculous.

Today I'm thankful for a rocking end to the year.

It may not have involved a lot of excitement and fanfare but it was chock-full of friends, champagne, good food (hello crab...I heart you), and boardgames.

Today I am thankful for a new year. 

The start of a new year always inspires me to reflect upon the departing year and gives me hope for the arriving one. A new year is a fresh start.
2011 taught me many lessons.
Some of the lessons I was not so keen on being taught, but I soaked up the teachings as best I could and made some serious lemonade out of the lemons that were passed my way. And the fantastic thing is: there were no bad days. I have 365 posts as proof! But I'm still ready to move right on and welcome 2012.
2012 will surely involve many dance parties. Probably mostly in the kitchen.

Today I'm thankful for my good health, good family (including furry), good friends, and good food.

Because is there anything more important in life?

365 Days of Gratitude is not ending with the New Year like I had originally intended. I will not be writing daily posts unless I'm uber thankful, but I will be continuing to give thanks for the big and small things in my life.
And there are a lot of big and small maybe I will post everyday.

Love him.


  1. Love love LOVE the first photo - blow that baby RIGHT up! Looks like you had a great celebration! I am super thankful that you are continuing your blog :) Our kitchen has lots of room for dance parties :)

  2. love the post em! definitely awesome to continue reminding yourself (and others) about all of the awesome things in life to be thankful for. and that sunset...totally amazing. :)

  3. I have nothing insightful to say but i will tell you that I have been checking blogger more often this week to see your last post....awesome!! <3

  4. last post of the year, I mean. :)


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