Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 364: December 30, 2011

Today I'm thankful for organic sugar. 

I have a major clumping problem with my sugar, but I have recently discovered that when I have organic sugar: no clumps! I don't get it, but I like it.

Day 363: December 29, 2011

Today I'm thankful for my brand spanking new Cookbook Stand.

Most of my cookbooks are covered in cocoa powder and pages are stuck together with caramel. It's a testament to how loved and used they are, but I think it's time I start giving them the protection they deserve :)
My new cookbook stand protects the pages with a thin sheet of glass and props the book up for easy viewing. Love it!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 363/362: December 28, 2011

It was today that I realized that I made a mistake somewhere along the way.
I am on Day 363 with three more days in the year, and last time I checked there were not 366 days in this year. Oops.
It's a good thing I'm not a perfectionist, because if I was I would scroll through every single date trying to find the spot where I went wrong. And I might not find it on the first try, so then I might do it again. And if I was a perfectionist, when I found it I might go through and change every post since then to make it right.
Thank God I'm not.
I only scrolled through every post one and a half times before realizing that it would take me hours to change all the titles, so I made a deal with myself to not find the culprit of a post at all so that way I won't have to change it.
I'm only kind of twitching right now.

Today I'm thankful for mistakes.

Mistakes remind me that I am not perfect, no one is. When I am reminded of this, it makes it a whole lot easier to live. Really live. Live without worrying about what might happen if I make a mistake and things don't go perfectly.

Day 362: December 27, 2011

Today I am thankful for humidity.

We returned from our Christmas adventures to our humble, humid home. And the first thing I noticed (okay, after I noticed all the dust bunnies) was that I could breathe again. I usually prefer the nice dry Tahoe air, but for some reason this trip was rough on me. I woke up with a scratchy throat, feeling like I had hung out in a smoky bar the night before. And my nasal passages were parched.
I will try to remember this and be grateful when I am blow drying my frizzy hair for sixty-two minutes tomorrow morning because the humidity in the bathroom is that of a rain forest.

Day 361: December 26, 2011

Today I am thankful for Ice Skating.

Specifically when done on a lake. 
There is no snow in Tahoe. But it is very, very cold. I'm okay with that. 

We decided to go for a twilight skate this afternoon, and it was pretty fantastic. Ice skating brings back memories of skating on the pond by my house, practicing my best spins with my friend Mira.
This time I practiced with my mom.

If you've never skated on a lake or pond, you're missing out.
It's one part terrifying and one part awesome. Every now and then the ice makes a fantastic cracking sound like it's going to open up and swallow you whole. That always initiates the "would there be a worse way to die than to be trapped under ice?"
But the awesome part is this.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 360: December 25, 2011

Today I'm thankful for technology-free days...and Christmas.

I almost left the Christmas part out because I feel it's redundant. Clearly I'm thankful for Christmas because it's all I've been talking/blogging about since Thanksgiving. But, but, but it's my favorite time of year!
This Christmas was blissfully unplugged (which is why I am writing this on December twenty-sixth) and it was wonderful.
The day was spent with family and dogs, doing a lot of nothing but being. And I'm pretty darn thankful for that.
And, I just couldn't let a holiday go by without dressing up my dog in some form of holiday attire, so I'm also thankful for the doggie Santa hat. It made it's rounds this year!
Happy Holidays from the Rose/Haskell Pooches!

"Mom, why do you always make me wear hats on holidays?"

Some were less excited about the hat than others. Two remain pictureless...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 359: December 24, 2011

Today I'm thankful for Christmas Stockings.

One of my favorite pre-Christmas rituals is pulling out the homemade stockings on Christmas Eve. I always look at each stocking one-by-one remembering how much I love them. My Mom's was the first (homemade by someone...not sure who) and she made matching stockings for each member of the family after that. They each have different little felt and sequin items, some Christmas-related, some not. A wreath with a golden retriever inside for Casey, a little white kitty on mine, and various versions of Christmas trees, candy canes, et cetera.
The newest addition to the felt collection is Nick's stocking that I lovingly made a few years ago, but this year I noticed that Juno's was there but Zoe's stocking was missing...looks like I have some crafting to do! I hope Santa remembers her treats!
I love waking up on Christmas morning and seeing the stockings propped somewhere, stuffed with all sorts of goodies (mostly toiletries---a Haskell family tradition!)

Tonight we were lucky enough to spend the evening with both families, laughing, drinking champagne, and celebrating the season. And then, like on every Christmas Eve in my memory, my Mom and I pulled out the stockings and talked about each one. It never gets old :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 358: December 23, 2011

Today I am thankful for my kitty Juno.

She was my first "baby" and I can hardly believe that it's been almost ten years since I found her, snuggled up in the cage at the animal shelter. She was the tiniest kitten I had ever seen, with bright green eyes and tan, fuzzy, striped and spotted fur. And I knew immediately that she would be coming home with me.
If you come to our house you might not meet Juno, you might not even know she's there because she's a shy little one, but the moment you leave out she will come, ready to perch on a shoulder and relish in all the attention. Sweet as honey she is :)
Christmas Kitty

Day 357: December 22, 2011

Today I'm thankful for fantastic office mates.

We have a pretty darn snug office, so it's a good thing they're awesome!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 356: December 21, 2011

Today I'm thankful for caramel.

I'm happy to report that I no longer burn the first batch of every caramel I make.
I have made great progress in my caramel-making skills.
This time I sprinkled a little salt on some, covered some in chocolate, and ate more than my fair share of each.
All I have to say is it's a good thing I don't have any fillings.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 355: December 20, 2011

Today I'm thankful for Cole Valley.

It was one of the first neighborhoods I embraced as my own when I moved to San Francisco and it's still one of my favorite little villages in the city. I recently was asked to share some of my favorites of the neighborhood by a friend who knew I lived in the area, and I had no trouble at all rattling off my spots.
I will sorely miss my favorite coffee shop, one of the best little shops in the city, the best hardware store around, and the little dog park that Zoe frequents when we move (whenever/if ever that is). 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 354: December 19, 2011

Today I am thankful for gold nail polish.

Just the right amount of bling to make me feel fancy, but not look flashy :) 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 353: December 18, 2011

Today I'm thankful for the wall that speaks.

One day it was a blank canvas, the next day it was this.

I'm not sure what it's saying, but I sure am listening.

Day 352: December 17, 2011

Today I'm thankful for boots that fit over my calves and my pants.

This has not been an easy item to find because apparently my calves are larger than the average- awesome.
Well, Michael Kors has made me a very happy girl.
And now I will start doing calve exercises. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 351: December 16, 2011

Today I'm thankful for Company Holiday Parties.

When Nick first started working for SAP, the Holiday parties were amazing and lavish. Then, suddenly they stopped all together and we were very, very sad.
But 2011 was apparently inspiring enough to bring the party back-yeah!
Even though I don't know many of his coworkers well, I like to watch how a little free booze can induce karaoke singing and dancing on stage with the band in even the most seemingly tame people. 

Day 350: December 15, 2011

Today I'm thankful for dresses.

Less matching required, only one piece to iron, and comfy, comfy.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 349: December 14, 2011

Today I'm thankful for Holiday Cards.

They've started rolling in, and I'm loving it! So fun to see everyone's pictures and hear of the adventures that filled their year.
As for us...we don't send Christmas Cards. We opt for New Year's Cards. It's way too much pressure to get those things out before Christmas! I'm way too busy eating the cookies that came with the cards.
You people crazy.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 348: December 13, 2011

Today I'm thankful that I don't like fudge.

It just might be the only sweet thing that I can easily pass up. It's also my saving grace during the holidays when I feel like I'm swimming in homemade fudge. I think it's a fantastic excuse to eat more Christmas cookies because I'm saving so many calories by not eating fudge!

Guest Blogger: Phil's Thanks

Today's Guest Post comes from one of my many second parents. Growing up, I spent more than a little bit of time at Phil and Lynette's house...he probably has some crazy slumber party stories. Thankfully, he didn't share those in his post :)


When I first talked to Emily's "hunky husband" Nick, about doing a guest spot on this blog, I thought it would be easy to write about being a Grandparent, but there's so many great things it's hard to put them all in writing. 
Sure, there's the typical, "be able to give them back to the parents when they get out of control" or "our job is too spoil them, and let the parents be the heavies". Although portions of those statements have some merit, my wife and I can help be "the heavies" and listen to our granddaughter say we're mean! (Luckily that has only happened once.)
    Today was one of the best days in the history of our career of Grand-parenting. We went to see our Granddaughter Darby in her first dance recital. Watching that little 3 3/4 year old in her little dance outfit, holding a teddy bear for her number, and seeing her dance with several other little girls on stage, in front of a packed house, was amazing. 


When she was on stage, waiting for the music to start, she saw me standing in the back, and gave me the special little wave that I've been doing with her since she first started waving to me. There's so many great moments in my short Grand-parenting life, but to me, that was the best.
So, I'd like to say how thankful I am, to be able to be a Grandparent. 

For those of you who have had the experience, you know! For those of you that are soon to find out what the experience is like, (Claudia and Mike, Paul and Debbie), you can't imagine how lucky you are about to become. 
Enjoy and embrace it all!!

Thanks Phil! Your Grand Babies are lucky to have you!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 347: December 12, 2011

Today I am thankful for fallen leaves.

It may be practically Winter, but it looks like Fall in Golden Gate Park. There are orange, yellow, and brown leaves scattered everywhere and clumped at the bases of the trees.
Maybe I'd feel differently if I had a ton of leaves to rake, but since I don't, I like the leaves.
I imagine jumping in them and rolling around throwing them over me. But I don't do that...because you never know what's in the leaves in the park. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 346: December 11, 2011

Today I am thankful for Napa. 

I feel so lucky to have it practically in my backyard! It's the perfect place for a day or weekend getaway. 
Today we drove up for a ride on the Wine Train. It was a little touristy, but overall a fun way to spend the day enjoying the beautiful scenery of the valley.
I have yet to find a time of year that is not beautiful there...even with the vines mostly dead and brown, it is still breathtakingly gorgeous. 

And no Napa day would be complete without a stop at Model Bakery and The Oxbow Public Market!

View from the train

Day 345: December 10, 2011

Today I'm thankful for Union Square.

We braved the crowds (although at times I thought the crowds might claim me) for some Christmas shopping.
Very few things put me more in the holiday spirit than Union Square in December. Huge tree (actually multiples, because Neiman Marcus hung a giant version in their store as well), festive ice skating rink, Macy's SPCA window displays of adoptable animals...and lots of merry shoppers.
My favorite stop was Gump's where we found our 2011 ornament, a golden glass Buddha in memory of our trip to Thailand.

I have never visited Gump's, so I had no idea what was in store for me, but it was pretty much a holiday heaven. Thousands of ornaments, toys, and art. Awesome. We also took home a mushroom for the tree which we found out from a Gump's elf is more than just pretty, it is considered by some to be the source of all that red, white, and green associated with Christmas (and maybe on)!

Aside from the holiday joy, today's Union Square excitement included almost being consumed by the Occupy SF parade. It was every man for himself, I'm telling you!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 344: December 9, 2011

Today I am thankful for Chai Spices.

I have been drinking them in tea and latte form non-stop lately.
I think my friend Mira said it best, "It's like a hug from the inside".

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 343: December 8, 2011

Today I am thankful for The Birthday Husband.

If you haven't met him, you probably should...he's pretty awesome. Ok, he's totally awesome. But not so awesome that you should try to steal him from me...

Of all the things that I'm thankful for this year (and every year), I spend the most time thinking about how thankful I am that I get to spend my life with my Goobs.
I know it's silly, but I often wonder about what role fate played in our coming together...would we have ended up together no matter what?
There were so many seemingly minute turns of events that culminated in my becoming Mrs. Rose. I didn't think anything of any of the little pieces of the puzzle at the time. It's only just in looking back at everything that I see how very improbable it was that we became a couple...everything had to go just as it did.
What if I stayed in Santa Barbara?
What if I would have already had a full house of roommates?
Or what if I lived in The Sorority House?
What if I would have skipped that formal?
What if Eric Clapton never sang?

Or maybe we were destined to be Man and Wife and no matter what, it would have happened eventually.
Destiny or complete accident, I'm thankful.

Best Buds

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 342: December 7, 2011

One of my favorite things to do is look at houses. I love going to open houses, browsing online, and looking at home magazines envisioning what my next home will be like.
I also love peaking in people's windows.
In the most non-creepy way.

Today I'm thankful for curtainless windows.

Because they give me a good view into other people's houses!
I like to check out the paint colors, light fixtures, and their decorations of choice as I walk or drive by.
This is all sounding a little stalker, but I don't spy on the people!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 341: December 6, 2011

Today I'm thankful for eggnog. 

Holidays in a glass, no? Yum, yum, yum.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 340: December 5, 2011

Today I'm thankful for board games.

Tonight The Hubs and I dimmed the lights, lit the Christmas Tree, and played Mexican Train Dominoes.
I have always loved, loved, loved board games and Mexican Train is one of my faves. I suppose it's not technically a board game because there's no board involved, but I think it still qualifies. I'm also quite fond of Yahtzee and Backgammon. And Cranium. And Guestures, and Taboo, and Clue, and Scrabble, and Monopoly, and...
Game night, anyone? I'm always ready!

Day 339: December 4, 2011

Today I'm thankful for my NAP socks.

They are not cute.
I do not usually wear them out of the house (alright, sometimes under my rain boots).
But man, oh man, these socks save my freezing feet in the winter.
I have always hated wearing socks to bed, but this year I must be extra cold because I am wearing them almost all time! Love them.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 338: December 3, 2011

The weekend was spent with great friends. What could be better? 
Well, one of the said friends is also a Bride-To-Be (See the shirt), and this trip happened to include some shopping for her White Dress! It was very "Say Yes to the Dress". 

Today I am thankful to be a Bridesmaid. 

I have heard that some people dislike being a Bridesmaid...what?!?!
I love every little thing about the process and am thankful to be included in the wedding of the year!

Day 337: December 2, 2011

Today I am thankful for SFO's Holiday Decorations.

As I drove up to departures, it made me say "WOW!"
The trees are perfectly strung with white lights and there is a huge, lit Golden Gate Bridge.
Even the terminal is decked out in holiday cheer with living wreaths (pretty cool looking) and Christmas trees.
The piped in Christmas tunes solidified the wintry the airport.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 336: December 1, 2011

Nothing says "welcome Christmas" like a decorated tree. 
The Hubby and I decorated ours tonight! My favorite part of decorating the tree is unwrapping each ornament and reminiscing about where we got it. Almost every ornament has a story.

Our little family has a yearly tradition of finding one ornament each year to add to our collection. We casually look all year for the perfect ornament, something that sums up the year for us. Sometimes we pick it up on our travels and sometimes it's from one of my favorite local shops, Wishbone or Egg (they both have the best selection of fun ornaments), but we always write the date on the bottom.

Today I'm thankful for Christmas Ornaments.

They're more than just decorative baubles for the tree, they're memories!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 335: November 30, 2011

Today I'm thankful for blogs.

I sat down for my daily read this evening only to find that something was awry. Blogger had swallowed my blog roll and I had a sinking fear that it might be for good. I then realized how thankful I am for my favorites. Such good reads.
They have reappeared, so all is well in the blogging world. 

Day 334: November 29, 2011

Today I'm thankful for puppy lashes and Grinch feet, darkly lined eyes and whiskers.