Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 359: December 24, 2011

Today I'm thankful for Christmas Stockings.

One of my favorite pre-Christmas rituals is pulling out the homemade stockings on Christmas Eve. I always look at each stocking one-by-one remembering how much I love them. My Mom's was the first (homemade by someone...not sure who) and she made matching stockings for each member of the family after that. They each have different little felt and sequin items, some Christmas-related, some not. A wreath with a golden retriever inside for Casey, a little white kitty on mine, and various versions of Christmas trees, candy canes, et cetera.
The newest addition to the felt collection is Nick's stocking that I lovingly made a few years ago, but this year I noticed that Juno's was there but Zoe's stocking was missing...looks like I have some crafting to do! I hope Santa remembers her treats!
I love waking up on Christmas morning and seeing the stockings propped somewhere, stuffed with all sorts of goodies (mostly toiletries---a Haskell family tradition!)

Tonight we were lucky enough to spend the evening with both families, laughing, drinking champagne, and celebrating the season. And then, like on every Christmas Eve in my memory, my Mom and I pulled out the stockings and talked about each one. It never gets old :)

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  1. So cool! Your family has always been so crafty. I remember the quilts you used to make for your mom's group of friends when they had kids. I think the last one was for Lissa and Lloyd - you sewed a butterfly over a lake or something. So talented! Love the stockings!


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