Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 361: December 26, 2011

Today I am thankful for Ice Skating.

Specifically when done on a lake. 
There is no snow in Tahoe. But it is very, very cold. I'm okay with that. 

We decided to go for a twilight skate this afternoon, and it was pretty fantastic. Ice skating brings back memories of skating on the pond by my house, practicing my best spins with my friend Mira.
This time I practiced with my mom.

If you've never skated on a lake or pond, you're missing out.
It's one part terrifying and one part awesome. Every now and then the ice makes a fantastic cracking sound like it's going to open up and swallow you whole. That always initiates the "would there be a worse way to die than to be trapped under ice?"
But the awesome part is this.


  1. OMG - such great photos! Is that Prosser? Or out in Glenshire? Love the one of the skates and cracked ice! Very cool!

  2. Kind of looks like Boca? Either way - suuuper awesome! Sash and I have been itching to go ice skating too, but unfortunately in LA we must go to the man-made kind of rinks. ;) Looks like you had an awesome time and I love the montage of you and your madre!


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