Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012: Movies

Today I'm thankful for movies.

Specifically movies that bring me back. You know, waaaay back.
I'm spending the night kicking back, churning some strawberry sour cream ice cream, and watching a movie that I might literally be able to recite every line of. Sleepless in Seattle. 
This movie has the same power that Celine Dion songs possess to take me right back to the nineties in a nanosecond. 
I couldn't be happier right now. "Horses, horses, horses, horses..."


  1. Em did you watch it on TV?? I did too! I felt like I was in your basement watching on the futon! One of the best. :)

  2. A classic! Always think of you ladies with that movie!!


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