Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 18 2012: Sloppy Seconds

Today I am thankful for the "sloppy seconds" man on Market Street.

I do not know his name, so I call him that. 
I have never spoken to him, but he speaks to everyone. 
We do not agree on much, but I look forward to seeing him none the less.

No trip to Union Square is complete for me if I do not hear the "sloppy seconds" man preaching nonsense the good word. 
He chants "Sex between a married virgin man and a virgin woman only. NO SLOPPY SECONDS!" repeatedly. I always look for him sitting on the corner and am strangely disappointed when he's missing. This time, I had Nick snap a picture. Apparently he wasn't very discreet. Busted. 


  1. Bahaha! Hilarious - sloppy seconds. I thought this was going to have to do with food! Very, very wrong!

  2. Bahaha! I thought this was going to be about food! Definitely not. Is this the guy that stands out in front/across the street from Nordstrom? Like where the cable car turns around?

  3. hilarious. what an awesome phrase to be known for. ;)


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