Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012: Rain Drops at Nght

Today I am thankful for raindrops at night.

A couple nights ago there was an unexpected rain storm that snuck up on the city just as I crawled into bed. The sounds of the rain on the roof and windows as I was snuggled up with a book was just perfection. The only thing better was waking up throughout the night to the sounds of the rain shower continuing.
Love that!


  1. i agree - that's one of the best things! i can never hear it in my place unfortunately, but i love it all the same!

  2. Rain is one one of my most favorite things..especially at night!! But oh how I love a rainy day, even while I'm at work! :)

  3. So true! Something very cozy about that sound, and then the smell the next morning when it has passed! Good post, Em!


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