Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012: Kindle Case

I got a Kindle for Christmas, literally moments after I proclaimed that I wasn't the Kindle "type". 
I still prefer the paper book and only read my Kindle when I can't get the book I want from the library fast enough. And I still don't think I'm the Kindle type. Whatever that means. Which is why today I am not thankful for my Kindle.


I am thankful for its case.

Cute, no?

And it's totally awesome for disguising embarrassing tween books like Twilight that I may or may not be reading. 


  1. ha! do you know that romance novels and the like have gone up in sales since e-readers came along?! no one has to feel weird about having fabio on the front of their books any more. :)

    and cool as they are, i'm not the "kindle type" either. i bought an ebook on my tablet 2 months ago to try out and i still haven't read it! eventually i'll get there for certain occasions, but i love the feel of paper.

  2. Love the cover! I wanted this one too or the pink one with the polka dots on the inside - so cute. I am a polka dot gal! I am now considering the yellow Gatsby many choices!

  3. p.s. just realized this was my phone case for the past year. kate spade makes great iphone covers too. :)

  4. Very cute. Ditch Twilight and read The Hunger Games!! They are so awesome!

    1. Read and obsessed over them already! They are the best! I wasn't embarrassed about them though :)


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