Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 176: June 25, 2011

When there is a particularly lovely day in the city, I crave eating outdoors. I'm not picky about it, the eating outside can be at a restaurant or just in my backyard. This afternoon we headed over to North Beach, San Francisco's "Little Italy". It happens to have a disproportionately large number of outdoor seating areas, so I was a happy camper.

It's one of my favorite neighborhoods to walk around in because it reminds me of Italy. Today it also reminded me of my friends who are in Italy right now! And then I was jealous. But it was okay because I had fresh baked bread and copious amounts of pasta to console me.

The Husband and I enjoyed a fabulous dinner with friends followed by a late night stroll around the 'hood. It was bustling and glowing from the candlelit sidewalk cafes.

Then we ate tiramisu and cannoli from Stella Pastery and Cafe. And everything in the world was right.

Today I'm thankful for North Beach... and cannoli.  

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