Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 34: February 3, 2011

Oh, city life. Never did I see myself as the "doggy daycare" kind of person. Never did I think that I would pay someone to walk my dog. Never did I imagine that I would take my dog to a groomer like those designer dog owners. And then I moved to a city and got a dog. And I morphed into one of those people.
Yes, it's true, today I am thankful for doggy daycare.
Today was Zoe's first time spending the day with her new dog walker extraordinaire and she's spent. A tired dog is a happy dog (and happy owner). I received an email from the doggy sitter while I was at work today:
"At first Zoe was pretty bummed you'd left and spent the first 15 minutes ignoring me and staring longingly out the front door...I think it's hilarious that she seems to think of herself as a lap dog!  She's sat on my lap today about 6 times now. I guess she hasn't noticed how much she's grown this year..."
Yes, that would be my Zoe! I blame it on the puppy massages. I guess she likes her.

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