Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 275: October 1, 2011

Today I swung through the trees. Kind of like a monkey, but not really. It was pretty amazing.

When my friends, who love zip lining, decided to have a birthday celebration in the form of a canopy tour, I was really excited. Then I remembered a ropes course experience in middle school when I was a total chicken. I remember standing on the platform, watching everyone else zip away and thinking, "I want to zip...but I can NOT step off this platform."
I finally did, and it was totally fine, but the moment of standing there, paralyzed, is pretty vivid in my mind.

Because of this memory, I felt like I should be nervous, but I wasn't. Alright, maybe I was a little nervous, but more excited. I actually coined the term "nervous-cited" to describe how I was feeling.

The canopy tour was an incredibly beautiful two hours zipping from redwood tree to redwood tree. And aside from the first initial zip, I wasn't nervous at all. I definitely never had the same feeling of physically not being able to step off the platform and let go.

So today I am thankful for outgrown fears. And zip lining, of course!

This is what "nervous-cited looks like


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