Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 123: May 3, 2011

Today I showed up for work...and I wasn't scheduled to work. Oops.
Once I got over the fact that I woke up three hours early for absolutely no reason, I appreciated the extra time. I went for my daily walk a lot earlier than I normally would and it was a different park. It was dewy, it was quiet, and the air was brisk.

Today I am grateful for musicians in the park.

I encountered a very amateur clarinet player sitting on a bench. Zoe was downright terrified of the squawking noise, and I kind of was too, but it made me smile inside because this sixty-something-year-old woman decided that it was a good idea to leave the privacy of her house to practice her clarineting skills in the middle of the park.
Then I passed a tunnel leading from my path to the conservatory of flowers. Inside there was a man pacing through the tunnel playing a guitar and singing. And he was awesome. I sat on the stairs and listened to him play his concert. And because it was early morning, I was the only audience member.
Finally, as I headed home, I came upon a man playing a jazzy trumpet tune in a grassy inlet.

My early morning walk had such a nice soundtrack! Loved it! 

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