Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 141: May 21, 2011

Ahh! The sweet smell of mountain air!
The day could not have started any better. Latte and freshly baked blueberry scone at Coffeebar  and a relaxing walk from Donner State Park to China Cove at Donner Lake with my Mom. There are still patches of snow surrounding the lake, but the sun was strongly shining, mocking all of the weather reports false predictions of rain. We ran into more wildlife than we did people, and the highlight was spotting two huge bird nests in the treetops. We didn't see any babies, but the mommy birds put on a beautiful show of diving and surfing the wind currants. And nothing makes me happier than seeing my puppy dog play gleefully in the lake...she's such a water baby!

No perfect day is complete without a little baking, so my Mom and I went home and were inspired to attempt to replicate my favorite cornmeal scone. They were no Arizmendi Bakery scone, but they were pretty delightful.

Nick and I headed back to Donner Lake for the real reason we are in Truckee for the weekend, the Shindler wedding!

We danced the night away and celebrated the newlyweds. So much fun!!!

Today I am thankful for Donner Lake.

It holds so many memories: West End birthday parties, lazy days and late nights on the docks with friends, and the spot where Nick and I got engaged almost exactly three years ago. Driving into Truckee, the first peak of the lake surrounded by mountains always signifies that I'm home.

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  1. LOVE. I couldn't agree with you more. That picture gives me chills. It totally says "home" to me. :)


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