Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 132: May 12, 2011

I don't eat very much meat. 
I am repulsed by the sight of anything that resembles a vein, tendon, or identifiable part of an animal. 
I am SUPER picky about my carnivorous meals. 
So why, oh why can I do I have absolutely no problem eating some of the worst parts?

Today I am thankful for hot dogs. 

The most delicious mystery meat out there. Fo' sho'. 


  1. HAHA!! This made me laugh out loud. So true - I very much agree!

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  3. you're hysterical, but i couldn't agree more about the heinousness of body-resembling parts of meat. "squishy meat" as i call anything with a portion of fat or who knows what is literally my arch-nemesis. it fully makes me gag. that being said, i wish meat didn't taste so delish otherwise i'd totally be a vegetarian. i still remember the horror on your face when we were in france and you were served a medium rare steak. you were sooooo pissed that there was pink in your meat! ha! :)


I'm always *thankful* for your comments- they make me smile:)