Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 140: May 20, 2011

Today I am thankful for given names. 

I was watching the Giants game tonight with my family and what do I hear? "At bat for the A's...Coco Crisp". 
Uhhh...seriously? Coco Crisp?
Then, the husband informed me that there is also a Milton Bradley on the another team. Wow.
I come across some doozies in my line of work, but Coco Crisp is up there with the most hilarious. 
My other favorites include: Ima and Ura. Not that weird? Their last name was Butts. Mean, right?  
And who can forget Le-A (Ladasha). 
I don't know how these kids makes it through childhood unscathed, and why their parents thought they were doing them a favor with the name, but they are good for a laugh!

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  1. Em I will never ever forget the Le-A story. But Ima and Ura??!!! I think things like this should be considered child abuse. It's so unnecessary! But you're right, hysterical to us who don't have to live with those names. ;)


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