Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 249: September 5, 2011

Today I am thankful for Labor Day.

Today marked my seventh year celebrating Labor Day camping.
Our yearly camping trip is one of my favorite traditions and is something I look forward to almost all year. The weekend is always filled with good things: friends, food, relaxation, and heat.
Oh how I need all of those things!

The camping trip has morphed slightly over the years as has the participants. It has mellowed quite a bit, people have come and go, we have added a few dogs and a strawberry blonde baby.
But this year felt like a return to our roots. All members of the original trip were present and we were at our favorite campground at Lake Shasta.

Nick and I packed up at the (literal) crack of dawn, not exactly how we would have chosen to wrap up the weekend, but driving away we had a pretty fantastic view of the Lake as the sun was rising.
I thought about our first year at that same campground, seven years ago. I drove up with my then boyfriend, to spend the weekend with the couple that would later become the Fujiis and their friends.
How far we have all come.
Bonds strengthened, cocktail recipes perfected, traditions created.

The funny thing about traditions is that while you remember the past, they also gives you a glimpse into the future. I can practically see the years unfold, Labor Day by Labor Day. 

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