Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 251: September 7, 2011

I'm totally the girl who likes practical presents. I don't need anything and I hardly want for much either, making me a hard person to shop for, or so I've heard. 
But I think I'm pretty easy to please. 
One Christmas Nick got me a Costco size set of Pyrex. Romantic, right? My Mom was wishfully thinking that he was trying to throw me off with a gigantic, super heavy box that actually contained an engagement ring. Nope. Just Pyrex. But it has lids. And it's every imaginable shape and size. And I use it all the time. Awesome present in my book! 
I think I would be equally as happy to receive a vacuum cleaner if I needed one (or if it was a Dyson. Seriously.)! Blender? Sign me up! Especially if it's a Vitamix.

Today I'm thankful for my hand mixer. 

Also a present from my hubby, this thing gets the job done and it does it well. We had the most obnoxious hand mixer prior to this one; it was sluggish to start and smelled kind of toxic on high speeds. I don't hand mix that often, but every time I did I complained about its ineffectiveness. 
I know a lot of people might turn their noses up at the thought of getting appliances as gifts from their spouses, but for me, a good, practical gift shows me just how well he knows me. 
Every time I whip my egg whites or set the timer on my awesome mixer, I think of him.

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  1. visiting because of Mira's post on facebook.
    finding something to be grateful everyday is a wonderful thing!
    I like practical gifts, too. but probably only if I ask for them. I'm lusting after that Pyrex set! seriously!


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