Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 330: November 25, 2011

Today I'm thankful for leftovers. 

What? You say you're one of those people that doesn't like leftovers? Even Thanksgiving leftovers?
If you can resist a fresh turkey sandwich layered with stuffing, cranberries, and mashed potatoes, I no longer feel like I know you. I'm not even sure that we can be friends. It's that serious.

Thanksgiving leftovers fall into the category of foods that taste better the next day. Usually my Black Friday starts with pie for breakfast, includes absolutely no shopping, has some turkey sandwiches thrown in the mix, and usually involves potato pancakes and definitely more pie.


  1. So yummy - I hate leftovers. But I love me some Turkey sliders. We got sweet Hawaiian rolls and they go quite nicely with all of the elements you mention above! :)

  2. We were all over the place this particular Thanksgiving so I wasn't going to have access to the usual stockpile of sandwich-making materials and that was unacceptable. So today I roasted a turkey breast and made all the classic sides just so I could have Thanksgiving leftovers this week. It's just not the same without them.

  3. so agree! leftovers are not usually my fave, but thanksgiving leftovers? those are in a category of their own. all of them are amazing.


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