Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 217: August 4, 2011

Nick and I are in New York City for a couple days and I am so excited to be here! I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it here as it seemed like the Flight Gods were working against us: delayed flight leaving SF, missed connection in Chicago. But both our bodies and our bags arrived (only pieces of our minds made it...the red eye claimed parts). 
I consulted Yelp for a hotel recommendation because I was having a hard time finding a decent spot in the city that I wouldn’t have to sell my soul in order to pay for. Yelp hardly ever lets me down, and this trip is no exception. After several New York experts suggesting Bed and Breakfasts, I redirected my search from hotels to smaller Inns and found the highly recommended Inn on 23rd in Chelsea. This place is right up my alley, an old brick house converted to an Inn with a resident cat greeting guests and mismatched, funky decor. Each room is “themed” (in the most non-creepy way) and when you book your room you choose the room you would like to stay in. We are staying in the Rosewood room with a canopy bed, exposed brick walls, and a strange excess of places to sit. Seriously, there are a lot of chairs in this one room :)  
Today I am thankful for Bed and Breakfasts.
We have stayed in family-run B&Bs all over the world and generally prefer the home-like atmosphere to bigger, chain hotels. In some cases, we have gained charm and quirk at the expense of function, but have always been pleased as punch to do it! 
Shower right next to the tub? No problem...the splashes from Nick’s shower were a much gentler alarm clock than I usually wake up to!  
Bathroom not connected to the room? We can work with that!’s down the hall and across the breakfast room? 
Amazing Inn on the canal in Amsterdam with a penthouse room? Fabulous! Hmm...that stair case is really skinny. And really windy. And my bag weighs seventy-five pounds. Remember that Brittney?
One of my favorite parts is talking with other travelers at the big dining table while eating a home-cooked breakfast and chatting up the Inn Keepers about must-see local sights and restaurants. We always end up having a trip infused with lots of local flare and unplanned experiences. I also love poking around the Inn’s common areas, reading the guest books and checking out the chotchkies that always seem to adorn every nook and cranny.

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  1. um YES. When we pushed your suitcase down the stairs and basically let it crash down the couple of flights while our 3 lovely (and flamboyant) inn keepers just stared at us... Followed by the next small "hotel" we stayed in in Bruges that came equipped with its very own CRYPT!!! I agree though - it's the best way to soak up local color. Obviously. ;)


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