Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 213: July 31, 2011

I spent the day cheering on my hunky husband as he ran the The San Francisco Marathon!

So Proud of him!

Cheering Squad

I met him at miles four, seventeen, nineteen, and finally at twenty-six point two!
He powered through and finished with a smile on his face. Superstar!

Last November my good friend and I rocked the Santa Barbara Marathon (and I use the term "rocked" very loosely). People had said that I would finish one and have the marathon "bug" and want to do another...I don't. That being said, most everything about it was a good experience.  The energy can not be duplicated and the feeling of accomplishment I felt when I drug myself through the finish line was almost enough to inspire a second try. 

Today I am thankful for marathons.

They show you just how strong your body can be, but also that the mind is even stronger.

Nick and I agree that we will most likely leave our marathon-ing as a once in a lifetime experience, but I guess I caught a smidge of the so-called "bug" because I just signed up for the Santa Barbara Half Marathon! Or maybe it's just an excuse to have a weekend in Santa Barbara with friends...

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