Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 225: August 12, 2011

Today I am thankful for family history.

This trip has been filled with it!
We spent part of our day exploring West Point and Garrison, where my Dad grew up. My Dad is a regular historian, so as we drove through the area he would interject random historical facts about the area, the family, and other tidbits he found relevant.

I have not spent much time in the area, but many significant events in my life have taken place there and the Haskell family has a long history.
We visited the West Point Catholic Chapel where I was baptized, the cemetery where my Grandfather is buried, and stopped to take peak at the house where my Dad grew up.

Baptismal font. They had it engraved for my baptism ;)

West Point Cemetery

 I loved walking though my family's history for a day. Learning about the past, and particularly my family's past, uprooting some of the memories and facts always makes me feel a little bit more rooted myself. I suppose when you know where you come from it is more clear as to where you are going.

Love the old photos too! 


  1. love your pics. :) that old family photo is great. they are actually standing outside of St. Philip's in Garrison though. :)

  2. that last photo is amazing and i can totally tell which one is your dad! adorable. and i so agree - learning about family history is so amazing, but even cooler that you got to visit some of the spots. so fun em!


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