Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 234: August 21, 2011

Today I ushered in my twenty-ninth Birthday and so far it feels pretty good! 
We arrived at Foreign Cinema at nine-thirty, ready to conquer that place...but no one was there. 
Trash cans in front of the restaurant, red carpet rolled up in the corner, doors locked. 
The husband had graciously made the reservation days before. For nine-thirty. PM. Oops!

Luckily, Ritual Roasters was right around the corner, so our coffee cups were half-full instead of half-empty! Maybe even all the was full...a latte makes everything great.

Today I am thankful for no reservation. 

Sometimes it takes a little "oops" to make a perfect day. And a perfect day it was!
This is what it looked like:

Hail Caesar

Strawberry Tarragon Pop Tart



Beautiful Birthday!

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