Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 212: July 30, 2011

Few things get me going like a good baking session. 
It's both relaxing and stimulating. The myriad of textures, scents, and flavors soothes me, but the precision that it requires keeps me excited and on my toes. Nerd alert! I am a recipe follower to the core, which may explain why I usually prefer baking to cooking. 

My baking session "recipe" usually calls for lots of sugar, flour, and butter, an ipod for shuffling good music, and every pot, pan, and utensil I own. The result is usually something delicious, sometimes something beautiful (and sometimes something that only tastes beautiful), and a head to toe dusting of flour for myself and the kitchen. 

Today I found myself in baking bliss. I have mentioned before my fascination with a certain Summer pie, and tonight I had just the right occasion to make it for...finally!

 Today I am thankful for baking. And, of course,  friends to bake for.


  1. OHMYGOD - and I am thankful that I was there to taste this awesomeness. Seriously, one of the best pies I've ever had. Not surprised at all.

  2. 1. that looks beyond delicious
    2. what the heck is it and please send recipe
    3. i am such a recipe follower too, but i love that! it definitely rings true that that is more the ideal for a baker than a chef. sasha HATES following recipes, but it works out for me. we don't need two bakers in the family. :)


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