Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 198: July 17, 2011

Today I am thankful for Engagements and Anniversaries!

One of my best friends Brittney got engaged to Sasha, the guy that I'm pretty sure was handmade especially for her. I haven't checked the details, but based on their uncanny compatibility I can say this with extreme confidence.
Similar to me, Brittney did not take the task of finding a suitable man lightly-she's picky, so when she told me about Sasha, I could tell pretty early on that he was a keeper!
And he brought her up in a hot air balloon to propose! Awesome!
Congratulations to my best buddy and her *fiance*!!!

 One year ago today I watched two of my best friends Stephanie and Mike tie the knot! One year under their belt and many more to follow.
I watched their wedding video again today! So fun!

Love is in the air.


  1. Yay for July 17! Love this day!!!

  2. Thanks Em!! And congrats to Mike and Steph too! Now for sure that day is extra special. Love you guys! :)


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