Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guest Blogger: Kristin's Thanks

This week's guest blogger is my fabulous friend, Kristin! Enjoy!

Last week, I started a new job. Not just any job...the job that is at the top of the ladder that I have desperately wanted to climb for a long while now. For years, I was scared to start over, because at the time, my friends (who I am so incredibly proud of) had already started in their "forever" careers. They were adults. I didn't feel like I really measured up as a peer to them. 

But I did it anyways. Not only did I go back to school, but I moved to a different state, and for the first time ever, really struck out on my own. I was proud to be doing it. 

While in school though, I often felt like I wasn't going fast enough...that I would fall behind my peers even more than I already was. I was obsessed with the ideal of what a 26-year-old's life SHOULD be like. Luckily, this feeling made me work hard, and move forward.

After graduating, the job market was brutal, so I applied and got the only job that I an intern. I felt a little defeated for a while. Here I was, at 28 now, and an INTERN, where most of my peers were years into their "forever" careers. But again, it only made me work harder. 

And today, after all this, I can say that the time I took to start over has amazingly, incredibly, fantastically paid off. I realized there is no timeline to work from. My pace was perfect for me. I could have never appreciated this place when I was younger. I wasn't ready for it. But now, I have found THE job. The one that makes me happy. The one that makes me feel like a grown-up. My "forever" career. 

So, today I am thankful for being a late-bloomer.


  1. so cool kris!! congratulations and i'm proud of you too! i can totally understand why you felt that your timing was all off, but i think a timeline doesn't matter at all in the long run if you're not happy at what you're doing. i definitely think time is relative if your goal is worth the wait. :)

  2. And we are equally proud of you!! Can't wait to hear all about it! Timelines go in the trash as soon as the real world actually is upon us. I remember this every day when I am teaching, and I ask my kids about where they think they will be when they are 30 (our age...) Married, kids, mansions, millions - you name it. Taking the time to do what you really want is more rewarding than doing it "on time." :) Great post!

  3. Love this!!!! I too switched career paths and just graduated at almost 28 and I am plowing away at my dream job ... WAY TO GO!!


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