Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 192: July 11, 2011

Today I am thankful for Anthropologie

If I could shop at only one place, Anthropologie would be it. It's totally a one stop shop: housewares, clothing, shoes, toiletries, jewelry. And it just smells so good!
The downside that is also an upside...I pretty much always find something that I don't want to live without. And I usually can't afford it.
Or I have to do some serious justifying in my head.
Honest moment: I'm good at justifying.


  1. So true, my friend. You always seem to fin the most beautiful dresses there! Looking forward to seeing your newest finds!!!

  2. You and 1,000,000 others feel the same way about Anthro. I too ALWAYS find something and not always in my budget. I swear it is a candy store for adults ... LOVE LOVE LOVE. And, thanks to this post I might just stop by Anthro for a little peruse. XO!

  3. anthro is totally my favorite too!! i just wore a new yellow and white dress from there to a wedding last week and it's one of my new faves. besides the awesome items that they sell, however, i think the displays that they create are my favorite part of shopping in there. so creative and beautiful!


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