Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 197: July 16, 2011

Today (and once each month) I am thankful for Bon Apetit Magazine.

It comes to me in the mail always looking so dapper, with a picture on the cover that draws me in, begging me to read the issue cover to cover. Right. Now.
This month, I am swooning over the cover recipe, like seriously swooning.
This pie looks amazing: Blackberry and Lime Meringue Pie. I cannot wait to make it!
I'm desperately hoping that someone will invite me to an event worthy of this incredible pie. Because it screams to be shared, showed off, and worshiped.
But mostly, if I made it and didn't take it somewhere, it would surely disappear. And that would be bad (and oh-so-good at the same time:) On second thought... ) 

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