Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guest Blogger: Nick's Thanks

I am honored and excited to present this week's guest blogger: 
Mr. Nicholas Rose! 
Otherwise known as the best husband ever. 
He also goes by Nick.

As we go through life, each one of us builds our own unique collection of memories. Memories built by the taste of our Grandma's prize winning pie or by the excitement of our first kiss. 
For me, most of my memories are triggered by sounds, particularly by music. Music is a universal language spoken by everyone. Music is what lulls babies to sleep and gets Grandparents up and doing the Jitterbug like they're back in High School. Music can be as complex as an entire orchestra all flowing in harmony, or as simple as a baby's rattle.

Music has always been a part of my life. I was born with it in my blood and in my bones. It's something that I can relate to and always find solace in. With my dad being a musician since he was eight, I was only destined to follow in his footsteps in some manner. At 3 years old I had a guitar in hand playing to a crowd of stuffed animals. High school came with a few bands, gigs played, and talent shows won. Whenever I hear Eric Clapton’s "Wonderful Tonight" I will always think of the moment that the relationship between my wife and I took a huge leap. Old songs, new songs, they all carry me off to a different time in life. Listening to music for me is doing donuts in a DeLorean.

Today, I am thankful for Music.

I love how music can get a whole crowd of people movin'. Did you just have to learn the whole dance to "Thriller"? Do you have a sudden urge for Jack Daniels when the jukebox screams "Free Bird"? Does your butt bump around when someone turns on "Baby Got Back"? (For the record: no, yes, and...yes!) I love almost any form of music. I love that a song can get me moving in the morning (although I think Em could do without the singing at 6am). I am thankful for what music offers and will continue to do for ages to come! 
Rock on!


  1. This is great! The "donuts in a DeLorean" is by far the best line of all time. I also laughed out loud to the picture of you bumping around to "Baby Got Back." :)
    I am always transported by the Greenday song "Time of Your Life" and of course, "TNT." Yay for music and great guest bloggers!

  2. Great post, Babe! I'm thankful for music too. You forgot to mention that you also like to sing a different song than the one that is currently playing on the radio. That's one of my favorite things ;)

  3. total LIKE. music gets us through the best and worst times and always fits your mood. great post nick!

  4. Very nice Nick. Music has always been a huge part of our life. This weekend will be "Pops on the River", at Wingfield Park. I walk a couple miles on my lunch hour at work, with my IPOD blasting everything from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, to ABBA, and SoundGarden.


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