Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 64: March 5, 2011

The husband and I started our morning off in a sea kayak, with the mission of exploring the nearby National Park. It took us maybe thirty minutes to paddle our way there, and what we found when we arrived was breathtaking. More white sand beach, a makeshift lighthouse, flanked by a dense mountain of jungle and no people. I cannot get used to having a whole beach to ourselves, probably because most of the awesome beaches I've been to in the past have been less than private and usually downright crowded.
Today I am thankful for quality alone time with my main squeeze. There's no one I would rather share an empty beach or kayak with.


  1. Awe - that is awesome! It's pretty great to have quality time with husbands. Enjoy your last few days!!!

  2. so happy for you, sounds awesome! :)


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