Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 66: March 7, 2011

This is our last day in Koh Lanta, and I am less than happy about it; but this blog is about appreciating the good things, and as usual, I have much to be thankful for today. Each trip, as the vacation nears an end, I find myself replaying the memories like a movie in my mind, already feeling nostalgic. 
We were rushed off the beach this afternoon by a very swiftly moving storm that we literally saw creep down the mountainside until it reached us. The shower in the bungalow has a see through ceiling, so I had the weird experience of showering under the rain and watching each drop come down. Looking up at it pouring down (this is all going to sound kind of dramatic and like quite a stretch, but it's true!) I was thankful for seeing things from a different perspective. Quite literally in some cases, as in watching the rain fall :)  
After the rain cleared, we enjoyed our last sunset over Bamboo Beach. As many photos as I took, I couldn't capture the colors, so I finally stopped trying and just took in the view. That's when I noticed that there were two sunsets, one in the sky and one reflected in the tide pools. The same sun, same clouds, and same sky, but completely different. Lesson learned. Sometimes memories are better left unrecorded, so they can be appreciated to the fullest in real time. 
I guess everything comes down to how you view it, and from what perspective. The same glass can be half empty or half full depending on how you look at it. The rain storm can mean an end to a beach day or the start of an incredible shower! 
The rain seems to have awakened the mosquitoes from their slumber, and even the lemon grass can not ward off these suckers, but I am smiling from ear to ear. I'm smiling because from this angle, I don't see the swarms vampire bugs; nope, I see my husband jumping around the room like a crazy person, smacking at the walls and grabbing at thin-air, only to be foiled again by the man-eating beasts! 


  1. Seriously Em - killer entry. I want to be there so bad instead of here with my freshman lit class...
    Love the theme of this one - so true!

  2. so so so true! i've totally stopped taking as many photos of things as i used to because i completely agree - you miss some of the stuff around you when you're always trying so hard to capture it. take a few and leave the rest for your memories. sounds like such an amazing trip!


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