Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 100: April 10, 2011

Wow! One hundred days! I feel like the year just started, and we're already in its fourth month- oh how the time flies by...

Since this is officially the one hundredth post, I was inspired to look back on past posts. Here's a quick recap:

Food and drink: 19%
Scenery: 14%
Travel-related: 10%
Books/TV/Movies/Internet: 9%
My Hubby: 7%

Animals: 7%
Weather: 6%
Friends and family: 6%
Work: 6%

San Francisco-related: 5%
Massage and Spa: 4%
Other: 9%

Food and drink were the clear winner. Sounds about right. But the best husband ever coming in at a mere seven percent? I don't want to gush all the time:) I was surprised at how many posts there were about work! It was fun looking back at my last hundred days "in a nutshell".

Today I am thankful for car rides with my Husband. For anyone who has ever been a passenger in Nick's car, this statement is probably coming as a shock to you. I would not call the car rides peaceful, or fluid, or safe (only kidding about the safe part!) but on long car rides we have some fabulous heart-to-hearts and play some cut-throat games of Twenty Questions...seriously, we pull out all the stops! He hates traffic, but for me, as long as I have an empty bladder, it's all about having good company!


  1. so agree! i don't mind car rides at all - it must have something to do with living in truckee and knowing that getting anywhere at all was going to take a few hours. all of the peeps i know in socal think a 2 hour drive somewhere is insane. give me some good snacks and good company and i love it too. 20 questions is bomb also. what good taste you have. ;)

  2. I am a fan too. Birdy - I agree. I think our 8 hour rides to and from SB primed us for them! I am a fan of the alphabet game - we play it with cars only.
    I also love a good book on tape:)


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