Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 115: April 25, 2011

I used to be a tea bag girl; now it's all about the loose leaf.
One weekend when my in-laws were in town, we popped over to Chinatown to immerse ourselves in the chaos and nibble on some dim sum. Between smelly fish stands and trinket shops, we found a little Chinatown gem: Vital Tea Leaf. I was immediately intrigued by the walls lined with canisters of every imaginable variety of tea. And a big sign said "Tea Tasting". I love wine tasting, so I thought tea tasting could be pretty awesome! 
As soon as we crossed the threshold into the shop, we met The Uncle. To be more specific, The Uncle shouted at us, "Sit down and drink my tea or I kick your ass!" 
The tea tasting was one part educational (I learned a lot about brewing loose leaf tea, drinking tea, the benefits of all the teas, et cetera) and one part Chinese comedy show. Uncle Gee, the owner of the shop, is quite a character. He berates his employees (who also happen to be his children---all in good fun of course!), he curses, he hits on all the girls, and he is just plain hilarious. Basically, he sold me on tea. And he sold me a lot of tea. 

We now have quite a selection of yummy teas that we can mix and blend depending on our mood. I have a tea of pine needles that supposedly will improve my circulation, we have floral teas, green teas, and some very delicious blueberry tea. 

Today, my hubby was feeling under the weather so I had the pleasure of his company. Seeing that it would be rude to be thankful for his illness (even though I was pretty happy to have an extra day with him), 
today I am thankful for my Bee House Apple Green Tea Pot.
It is the best for brewing pot after pot of our ridiculous selection of teas. It gives me heart palpitations. 
Or maybe that's just the caffeine. 

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  1. love tea! i think i need to meet uncle next time i visit! ;)


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