Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 90: March 31, 2011

One of my friends said it best: today is the most beautiful day of 2011. Big claim, right? But true! It was hot, hot, hot! Just how I like to end March!
Today I am thankful for San Francisco heat. It is rare, but highly prized when it makes a visit. I am thankful for these sweltering days, not only because I like to bask in the warm sun as much as my kitty Juno, but also because I love to watch the city come alive. The streets bustle, all the restaurants break out the patio seating, the people dig out their summer clothes (that have likely been shoved to the back of the closet for a LONG time), and the parks and beaches are packed. Love, love, love it...even if they call it earthquake weather.

As this is the last day of the month, and quarter (already?!?), it's time for a resolution check-in:

Books finished: Three

New Recipes cooked: At least one per week...this week was homemade peanut butter doggy treats!

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