Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 108: April 18, 2011

I made my recipe of the week today: a basic broccoli quiche. But (sorry in advance for the tooting of my own horn) the crust was Ah-mazing! 

For that, today I am thankful for the Tartine Cookbook

It's basically my baking Bible, with a bunch of "staples" and some fancy shmancy stuff as well. Everything I have made from the cookbook has been so, so yummy...but never looks like theirs. Oh well, I can't have everything :)

I feel a special connection to Tartine Bakery not only because when I crave a perfect cafe breakfast I think of their croissants and morning buns and lattes in bowls and everything else in their lovely display case of goodness, but because Tartine and I are probably more than seven degrees of separation.

Shortly after moving to San Francisco, my Uncle Ward emailed me about a bakery in San Francisco that one of his high school classmates owns, a little bakery named Tartine. Had I heard of it? 
Fast forward to the next weekend. 
The then Boyfriend and I were exploring a little shop in Bernal Heights when I stumbled upon the Tartine cookbook! I snatched it up right then, not even knowing what a find it was, simply because it was such a funny coincidence. 

And now I'm in love. So thankful for Tartine, so thankful for the cookbook, so thankful for a perfect pie crust.

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